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Upmann Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH has been building industrial machines for more than 220 years. In 1954, the company changed course and began specializing in weighing and packaging technology. In 1966 Upmann filed his first patent for the well-known horizontal packaging machine for plastic bags.

Today Upmann has the complete line from storage to washing, drying, intermediate storage and packaging.

In addition, Upmann Foodtec deals with similar solutions for the food industry.

Scanstore A/S has been a part owner of Upmann since 2010.

UPMATIC washers and dryers for vegetables

UPMATIC WM 120-3000/4000 Hydr

Washing machine for root vegetables such as potatoes, celery, carrots, parsnips, beets, etc. with a unique hydraulic system that allows the entire drum to be lifted for quick emptying.

There is no exit belt needed with this system and the product outfeed is placed on the top parts of the machine. This allows for a larger volume of product inside the drum while washing, creating a better washing result than traditional belt outfeed systems.

Water level automatically controlled by pressure sensor.

Sturdy 4mm galvanized steel construction.

Capacity: Up to 35 tons per hour depensing on product type.

  • Length 5.600 mm
  • Width 2.500 mm
  • Height 3-4.000 mm
  • Weight of the machine 5,000 kg




UPMATIC WT - 500/1000/1500

Felt dryer for potatoes.

Heavy construction in width of 500, 1000 or 1500 mm.
Rollers from 15 to 25 units.

Each drying roller is built as a unit and can be replaced quickly.

As an option, the machine can be offered with a quick emptying system

Capacity: Up to 30 tons per hour.

  • Length 2.200 mm- 3.600 mm
  • Width 500 – 1.500 mm),
  • Height 1.500 mm
  • Weight of the machine 1.400 kg


UPMATIC sedimentation tank water recovery system

UPMATIC Flume de-stoner


UPMATIC weighing machines


Simple belt weighing system, made for manual filling by hand into nets, paperbags, boxes etc.

The weighing machine is operated with a footpedal and has a support for bag/boxes below the outfedd of the weighing hopper.

Made in the characteristic strong Upmann design.


Up to 8 tons of potatoes per hour



UPMATIC 1810   

If you are looking for unprecedented performance and accurate weighing results our Upmatic 1810 is exactly what you are looking for! Our weigher is a fully automated double weighing machine suitable for granular and bulk products of the food and non-food industries.

Best suitable for products such as potatoes, onions, carrots and many more.

  • Capacity (depending on product type):
    25 kg: 14-16 bags/ min.
    50 kg: 7-8 bags/ min.

The upmatic 1810‘s integrated taring system makes fully automatic sizing for fine material flow possible. Our weighing machine achieves outstandingly precise weighing results by using 2x5 self-adjusting vibrating feeders.
Pneumatically-operated butterfly valves put in front of each vibrating feeder ensure flawless weighing results. In case of sudden material flow
interruptions these check valves immediately close to stop material flow




Our upmatic 2013HD is an unbelievably efficient, and precise computer-controlled partial quantity weighing machine. It literally outruns them all. The secret that allows for this unprecedented performance is its unique distribution system which is slightly slanted. Thanks to the slanted position of the distribution system which consists of two vibrating plates, products are conveyed much faster via vibrating feeders into the weighing containers. To ensure accurate partial quantity weighing results, each and every of the thirteen weighing containers is equipped with a load cell. As soon as a container’s load cell senses the required part weight is reached, the respective vibrating feeder is shut off by a butterfly valve. Immediately, the computer takes over, and quickly tallies up the partial quantities needed to attain the batch’s preset target weight.

  • Weighing capacity: 0. 5 kg - 25 kg
  • Capacity: 10 kg ca. 20 cycles per min.
  • Capacity: 25 kg ca. 18 cycles per min.


UPMATIC 2307/2309/2311   

The upmatic 23-seires is an integral member of our computerized partial quantity weighing machine family. Like any other family member the upmatic 23-seires is a real weighing wizard. It is specialized in scaling a wide range of food and non-food products quickly, precisely, and extremely reliable. In this case reliability also implies the ability to handle a variety of product qualities and sizes smoothly. Whether coarse or fine, different product qualities do not affect the machine’s sterling performance in the least – it is rather a welcome challenge that allows our scale to demonstrate its weighing precision and efficiency.

The Upmatic 23-series is best suitable for products, such as potatoes and onions.

  • Weighing range (product-dependent): 1.0 kg - 25 kg
  • Capacity: 1.0 kg ca. 35 cycles/ min.
  • Capacity: 2.5 kg ca. 30 cycles/ min.




UPMATIC 2513/2515   

computer-controlled, proportioning component weighing machine for fine and coarse products in the food and nonfood- industries. The weighing range covers all
weight classes between 0,5 and 5 kgs.

Within a few milliseconds the high performance computer then assembles the preset weight, calling up the appropriate quantities of product. A collecting belt then feeds the batch to the appropriate filling and sealing machine. The Upmatic 2515 operates extremely accurately, with weight tolerances under 1%.

Two vibrating plates ensure that the product is uniformly spread before it
moves via 15 transposed arranged vibrating channels direct into predosing weighing buckets. This way, the weighing buckets are filled at high speed.

The weighing hoppers is this series are displaced in two lines, which saves space and makes cleaning easier.

  • Weighing range: 0,5 – 5 kg
  • Capacity: approx. ca. 70 bags/min.


UPMATIC 2713/2715   

Computer controlled proportioning component weighing machine for fine and coarse products in the food and non-food industries. The weighing range covers, dependent on product, all weight classes from 2,5kgs to 25kgs (higher weights by double dumps). - Weighing without loss.

The Upmatic 2715 convinces by offering both precision and high speed. A feed belt conveys the product to the distributor system. Two vibrating plates ensure that the product is uniformly spread before it moves via fifteen generously sized chutes direct into the weighing containers. Within a few milliseconds the high performance computer then assembles the preset weight, calling up the appropriate quantities of product.

Two collecting belts feeds the batch to the appropriate filling and sealing machine. The Upmatic 2715 operates extremely reliable, with smallest weight tolerances and high capacity. As real universal weighing machine the Upmatic 2715 is suitable for fine and coarse products in the food and non-food industry, such as onions, potatoes, carrots (cut or cubic), lettuce, grated celery, Brussels sprouts, sweets, or even products like fish or scampi (fresh or deep frozen).

  • Weighing range: 2,5 - 25kgs
  • Capacity: 38 tons / hour
    bags of 25 kgs approx. 26 bags/min.



Our upmatic 1401ISE is a new, one-of-a-kind
industry scale. Our computer controlled partial quantity weighing machine differentiates itself by its newdesign, as well as versatile applications.
It is particularly suitable for weighing and filling ready-to-eat foods, such as sliced vegetables, French fries, sweets or candy, into large packages

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Weighing range depends on product density: 0.25 kg bis 70 kg
  • Capacity: 5 kg: approx. 6 - 8 cycles/ min.

Hygiene and cleanliness play a major role in the food industry. We know this. That is why our upmatic 1401ISE is equipped with the “easy clean” feature. Easy clean allows for absolutely effective, easy cleaning, and removal of the toughest food residues in a minimal mount of time. Moreover, easy clean implies that certain parts of the weighing machine are completely removable for cleaning purposes. These parts include among others, the vibrating feeders, and if desired, the scale’s distribution plates.




Superior performance, impressive precision, and flawless cleanliness in next to no time - unique features that perfectly describe our sophisticated computer-controlled partial quantity weighing machine, the upmatic 2212.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Weighing range depends on product type: 100 g – 5,000 g
  • Capacity: 2.5 kg bags: 28 cycles per min

Weighing containers, vibratory feeders, and the belt conveyor’s side plates are removable for cleaning purposes (no tools required)

Our upmatic 2212 is best suitable for products such as:
carrots, onions, nuts, potatoes (sliced or diced), grated celery
Brussels sprouts, hard candy, poultry, fish and scampi (fresh or deep frozen)


UPMATIC packaging machines

UPMATIC 1351/1052

Fully automatic filling and sealing machine for split-film woven polyethylene bags ranging from 2,5 kg to 25 kgs filled weight. According to the choice of packing material, it is suitable for all bulk and granular products of the food and non-food industries.

The Upmatic 1351 is extremely rugged and very easy to operate. The packing material comes from a roll, and by means of a thermal cutter it is separated except for a guide strip and is then conveyed under the filling hopper. After the bags have been filled, they are marked and sewn up during their subsequent conveyance. Finally the guide strip with the marking tape is cut between the pairs of rollers. All
operations are infinitely variable and can be accurately synchronized with one another.

The machine can easily be adjusted to different bag sizes without tools.

• Capacity: bags up to 5 kgs : 25 cycles/min. approx.
• Capacity: bags up to 12,5 kgs: 20 cycles/min. approx.
• Capacity: bags up to 25 kgs: 17 cycles/min. approx.



Fully automatic double tube net clipper for filling weights from 0,5 kg up tp 5 kgs. Suitable for all fine and coarse products in the food and non-food industries.

The Upmatic 3006 is extremely rugged and easy to operate. The continuous net is pulled from the tube pneumatically, clipped together at the bottom, filled
with goods, clipped together at the top and labelled at the same time. The entire process is completely automatic and allows extremely high cycles.

As soon as the net has been processed on one of the tubes, the automatic clipper interrupts the process for a moment, swings the other tube into the working position and continues the filling and closing operation – everything being done
completely automatically. While the machine works, the empty tube can be refilled with net. The Upmatic 3006 is equipped with level grubs for height adjustment.

Combination with all common weighing and dosing equipment is possible.

Capacity: max. 40 cycles/min.

Upmatic 2000

Fully automatic filling and sealing machine for polyethylene bags ranging from 0,5 kgs to 10 kgs filled weight. Suitable for all bulk and granular products of the food and non-food industries.

Extremely rugged and very easy to operate. It can handle with ease all standard widths and thicknesses of film, either as pre-made bags or from the
roll as a sleeve. The top and bottom sheet transporters are steplessly adjustable to each other. The pneumatic braking system guarantees exact repetition with dependable closing of the bags.

  • Capacity:
    bags up to 1,5 kgs: 30 cycles/min. approx.
    bags up to 2,5 kgs: 30 cycles/min. approx.
    bags up to 5 kgs: 28 cycles/min. approx.
    bags up to 10 kgs: 25 cycles/min. approx.
  • Bag width: 200mm to 450mm

Upmatic 3015

Upmatic 3015  semi-automatic sealing machine including a high-quality industrial sewing machine from Fischbein. It is suitable for all kinds of granular and coarse products of the food and non-food industry. Easy handling, reliability, and Self-explanatory work steps are only two out of many convincing features the Upmatic 3015 has to offer.

Semi-automatic means that some work steps require active involvement such as placing each bag in the funnel shaped clamp or taking the flawless finished product off the belt conveyor. All other works steps such as the filling process are either completed in tandem with a weighing machine, or by the Upmatic 3015 itself.

  • Capacity: 25 kg bags: 10 cycles per minute
  • Capacity: 50 kg bags: 6 cycles per minute

Bag dimensions (jute bags 50 kg): width: 600 mm, length: 1,100 mm


Upmatic 44-series

Effortlessly adjustable, versatile, and absolutely durable: These are only a few out of many attributes that describe the quality and performance of the upmatic 44-series. Fully automated paper bag filling and sealing machine. It is capable to processes all kinds of granular, coarse and lumpy food and non-food products.

The upmatic 44-seires takes paper bags out of the magazine and moves them underneath the charging hopper where they are opened and filled pneumatically. After completing the filling process, the machine assures that all bags are securely closed and sewn by an industrial sewing machine for onward transport.

Suitable for products such as charcoal, pet food, onions or potatoes.

Various differeret model sizes available, depending in the required bag size

The newest model 4404, is able to pack small paperbags from 500grs.'

  • Capacity: 2.5 kg bags: ca. 15 cycles/ min.
  • Capacity: 5 kg bags: ca. 14 cycles/ min.
  • Capacity: 10 kg bags: ca. 14 cycles/ min.

UPMATIC tray dispensers

Upmatic 604-2R

Upmatic 606


UPMATIC robot solutions

We offer a wide range of robot solution for handling and packing - Consult us for more information